Right To Know FY 2012-2013

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Summary of Requests

Fiscal YearRequests TotalRequests Breakdown
  • Granted: 8
  • Granted/Denied in part: 7
  • Denied: 2
  • Withdrawn: 1
  • Other*: 4
  • Appealed: 3
Key: *Other -- No records exist or request sent to wrong agency


Right To Know Requests

RTKL NumberDate Received by PGCB RTKL OfficeInformation RequestedDecisionNotes
2012‑0177/13/20121. FY 2011-2012 Operating Budget including operation revenues and operating expenses. 2. A list of job titles for all employees and the corresponding annual salaries. 3. Job descriptions for the Executive Director and other director positions.GrantedAll responsive records were provided.
2012‑0187/27/2012Information from the application of Gaming Partners International (GPI) including information on various officers of GPI.Granted/Denied in partPublic information was provided; non-public was either not provided or redacted in accordance with the following: The Gaming Act - 4 Pa C.S. 1206(f) & 1207(2); PGCB Regulations - 58 Pa. Code 407a.3; RTKL -- 65 P.S. 67.708(b)
2012‑0197/31/2012Records submitted by Bushkill Group Inc. and subsidiaries as part of Bushkill's Category 3 Gaming License application which state or estimate a valuation of real property owned by Bushkill Group or subsidiaries.OtherNo responsive records are in the possession of the PGCB.
2012‑0208/2/2012Various inquiries relating to the PGCB Excluded Persons list.Granted/Denied in partWhere appropriate, responsive records were provided. Many sections of the request were denied as they didn't ask for records, but rather asked questions and/or solicited legal advice or opinion. P.S. 67.703. In other sections, the PGCB does not have the records requested.
2012‑0218/10/2012List of all non-union positions and listed salary per position.GrantedResponsive records were provided.
2012‑0228/13/2012Payout percentages for specific slot machines.DeniedThe records requested are not public records as defined in 65 P.S. 67.102 and 67.305, and are exempt from release under 65 P.S. 67.708(b)(11) as they may reveal trade secrets or confidential proprietary information, also defined in 65 P.S. 67.102.
2012‑0238/17/2012Name of each non-union employee with title and their salary for 2009 through July 2012.Granted Responsive records were provided.
2012‑0248/17/2012Copy of annual report on the Gaming Industry.GrantedSent copy of most recent PGCB Annual Report and PGCB website address where all years Annual Reports can be viewed.
2012‑0258/27/2012Copy of most recent PGCB Annual Report; ledgers for the disbursements from the PA Race Horse Development Fund; most recent audits of the PA Horsemen organizations; quarterly reports submitted by PA Horsemen organizations for the past year.GrantedReponsive documents were provided with the exception of the disbursement ledgers. That section of the request was forwarded to the appropriate agency as the PGCB does not have the records requested.
2012‑0269/7/2012Name of each PGCB non-union employee along with their title and salary as of 9/7/12.GrantedResponsive records were provided.
2012‑0279/26/2012All diversity reports provided by or on behalf of Rivers and SugarHouse casinos.Granted/Denied in partDirected to Annual Diversity Reports and Diversity Plans available on the PGCB website. Quarterly reports denied as confidential and proprietary. 4Pa. C.S. 1206 & 1207; 58 Pa. Code 407a.; 65 P.S. 708(b)(11) & (17).
2012‑02811/19/2012A list of all union and non-union employees, their position and starting salaries and what they make as of 11/9/12, as well the amount of approved time each employee has requested from 1/1/12 till 11/9/12.GrantedResponsive records were provided.
2012‑02912/20/2012A copy of the Adjudication denying Valley Forge Convention Center Partners, LP’s Petition to Amend Membership Plan entered 11/20/12.No record (Adjudication has not been issued.)1/3/13 – Adjudication issued and sent to requester.
2013‑0011/14/2013Various inquiries relating to the PGCB Self Exclusion List including number of persons on list since inception and the breakdown as to time, gender, age and geographic area of participants.Granted/Denied in partMany responsive documents were provided. Those records that may reveal personal identification information and which could put that individual at a risk of personal harm/security were denied. 
2013‑0021/23/2013Copies of all corporate records filed by Wynn PA, Wynn LLC, Wynn Industries and Steve WynnRequest Withdrawn 
2013‑0032/1/2013 Applications or documents submitted by HSP Gaming that identify a builder or general contractor that HSP contends will perform construction in connection with the expansion of Sugarhouse gaming facilities.OtherNo responsive documents are in the possession of the PGCB.
2013‑0042/14/2013Copy of the current workers compensation policy for the PA Gaming Control Board.OtherNo responsive documents are in the possession of the PGCB.
2013‑0055/3/20131. Information regarding Washington Trotting Association's (“WTA”) $30,000 fine; 2. Information regarding Cannery Resorts, etc. representing itself or themselves as an "owner or operator" of the Meadows based upon the license of WTA without being qualified as a foreign corporation in this Commonwealth, 3. Information regarding violations, consent decrees, correspondence, investigations and whether or not related to the foregoing, against or regarding any or all of any of the Meadows, WTA, Cannery Casino Resorts or WTA Acquisition Corp. w/in the past 5 years.

Granted/Denied in part

Requester appealed decision.  Office of Open Records issued Final Determination on June 4, 2013 and dismissed appeal for the reason that the requester does not explain why the requested records do not fall under the exerted exemptions.

Public information was provided. Documents that relate to a noncriminal investigation were denied.
2013‑0065/7/2013Information regarding how much overtime has been spent on Casino Compliance Representatives and Casino Compliance Supervisors to staff the casino 24/7.  GrantedAll responsive records were provided.
2013‑0075/13/2013Various inquiries relating to the PGCB Excluded Persons list including who puts persons on the list, methods for enforcing the list, and sanctions imposed.Granted/Denied in partWhere appropriate responsive records were provided. Some of the sections of the request were denied for the reason the documents are confidential in that they pertain to investigative files and security information. 
2013‑0085/30/13Documentation regarding Gregory J. Rubino’s application and investigation records pertaining to his suitability.


Requester appealed decision. Final Determination issued on October 2, 2013 granting in part and denied in part. October 3, 2013 Requester rescinded request and written consent withdrawn.

Requested documents are confidential because they relate to personal identification information and noncriminal investigation.
2013‑0096/5/2013Application of Endeka Entertainment, LP and/or Penn National Gaming Inc.Granted/Denied in partProvided non confidential documents and denied confidential documents because they relate to personal identification information and noncriminal investigation.