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Requests for Calendar Year 2017

Summary of Requests

Fiscal Year Requests Total Breakdown of Request Results
2017 2
  • Granted: 0
  • Granted/Denied in part: 1
  • Denied: 0
  • Withdrawn: 1
  • Appealed: 0
  • Other*: 0
Key: *Other -- No records exist or request sent to wrong agency


Right To Know Requests

RTKL Number Date Received by PGCB RTKL Office Information Requested Decision Notes
2017-001 02/08/2017 Copies of invoices, bills, receipts of travel expenses, submitted by both Gaming Control Board members and employees. Time period for records sought is January 2015-January 2017. Expense records to include both domestic and international travel. Records sough in electronic format. Advise if fulfilling records request will exceed $100 before sending records. Withdrawn Requester was directed to the PGCB’s website for the information requested.
2017-002 003/01/2017 “List of Commonwealth employees within your department that have attained either 29 years of service or are of the age 54.” Granted in part / Denied in part Request was sent to multiple Commonwealth Agencies and the Office of General Counsel responded on behalf of all. Responsive documents with the exception of confidential documents and information were provided.

Photo Credit: RameshNG  CC-AS