Temporary Table Games Rulemakings


Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board Regulations

Pursuant to 4 Pa. C. S. §13A03, the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board is empowered to adopt temporary regulations governing the rules of new table games. Upon publication in the Pennsylvania Bulletin, these regulations shall take immediate effect and shall remain in force until promulgated as a final rulemaking or two years have passed. If PGCB does not have any table games rules still in temporary rulemaking status, this page will be empty.

The copies of the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board Regulations on this site are maintained and provided by the Board as a public service. Although the Board attempts to maintain the accuracy of these materials, they are not official versions of the Regulations.

If absolute accuracy is critical, you should review the official version of the Regulations (Title 58 Pa. Code Part VII) at

Questions or concerns regarding the Board's regulations can be directed to: Regulatory Counsel at

PA Gaming Control Board Attn: Regulatory Counsel
PA Gaming Control Board
303 Walnut Street, Commonwealth Tower, 5th Floor
Harrisburg, PA 17101


Temporary Table Games Rulemaking

Click here to view the docket of all temporary table games rulemakings with important dates and links to the comments received.