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The Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board (“PGCB”) is charged with promoting and ensuring diversity in all aspects of gaming authorized under the Act. Entities licensed by the PGCB are required to submit Diversity and Hiring Plans (“Plans”) to the agency prior to the commencement of operations in the Commonwealth. The Plans set forth goals that are reasonable and represent a good faith effort to assure that all persons are afforded equality of opportunity in contracting and employment. Licensees are required to provide the agency with updated Plans on an annual basis. Licensees are also required to submit quarterly reports to the PGCB describing activities undertaken during the prior quarter regarding the development and implementation of the Plans. An annual review is conducted of each Licensee’s activities related to the performance of its Plans. The annual review evaluates whether the Licensee has taken effective and meaningful action to implement the Plans. Additionally, the annual review analyzes whether a Licensee’s Plans and other actions have achieved or will achieve the Commonwealth’s goal of enhanced representation of diverse groups in the gaming industry as set forth in the Act.