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Pennsylvania is the second largest legalized gaming jurisdiction in the United States after Nevada and has grown during the past 15 years from a casino-only market to one that also includes sports wagering and online gaming. Together, gaming overseen by the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board (PGCB) will reach over $4 billion annually with almost half being returned to its citizens. The story of this growth, no matter if you do or do not participate in any form of gambling, is a phenomenal story and we would like to present it to your service club.
The PGCB has an interest in making sure that citizens are well-informed of this impact and its regulatory work and offers a Speakers Bureau to provide face-to-face interaction with organizations. Speakers are provided free of charge for service clubs, chambers of commerce and college classes. The Power Point presentation provided by the PGCB normally lasts about 25 minutes plus time for questions. Our speaker is also more than happy to have the press in attendance and will also make every attempt to stay and answer press questions, too.
We can bring all of the necessary equipment, but if your facility has an available projection screen, that would be helpful.
To request a speaker, please complete the Speakers Bureau request form below. After your submission, a member of the PGCB staff will be in contact and discuss your request.
We do ask that the expectation for attendance at your meeting (either the single club or a joint club meeting) be at least 15 persons. Additionally, it is best to make your request at least 30 days prior to a date when you would like a speaker, though we will make every attempt to accommodate your schedule if that period is shorter.
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