Video Gaming Terminal (VGT) Patron Dispute/Complaint Form

Please be sure to provide a valid email address as PGCB staff will only use email to communicate with patrons in reference to iGaming and online complaints.

Questions or comments regarding patron disputes or complaints can be directed to the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board at

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dispute or complaint:
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E-mail Address:
Date and Approx Time of Incident:
Location of VGT Establishment Where Incident Occurred:
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Please provide a summary of the incident or dispute to the best of your knowledge. Include any statements which you made to the licensed gaming entity's personnel or any statements you made to witnesses to the incident or dispute.
Make sure the entire form is completed and read the information below before clicking on the "I Understand" button to complete your complaint.
By submitting this patron complaint/dispute form, I understand that I am making a request for an investigation of this matter by the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board and declare that all information provided on the pages of this form and on any pages that I attach hereto are true and factual to the best of my knowledge. I further understand that if I have knowingly, intentionally or willfully made false statements or intentional misrepresentations that I may be subject to the penalties for violations of 4 Pa.C.S. §1518(a)(1), relating to perjury, false swearing and unsworn falsifications. I further acknowledge that as part of the investigation, the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board may contact the licensee or game provider in order to obtain further information relating to my complaint/dispute.

While NOT REQUIRED to file a complaint, after completing this form, if you have items (texts, screen shots, emails, etc.) relating to this complaint, you can send them in a separate email by clicking the YELLOW BUTTON* you will see on the "Thank You for your Submission" page, or the CLICK HERE* link in the email you will receive to confirm your complaint / dispute submission.
* This button - or link - will open the mail application on your computer, tablet, or phone
allowing you to send attachments to us. For security reasons, only certain file types are allowed.
This form is for Video Gaming Terminals located at PA Truck Stops. This form should not be used for Games of Skill, Computer, Tablet, or Phone Gaming Applications.

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