Archived Draft Temporary Regulations,
Public Comments, & Board Responses
pdf Category 1 License Regulations pdf Category 1 Comments (part 1) pdf Category 1 Licensing Response
  pdf Category 1 Comments (part 2)  
pdf Manufacturer & Supplier Regulations pdf Manu & Supplier Comments (part 1) pdf Manufacturer Response
pdf Manu & Supplier Comments (part 2)  
  pdf Manu & Supplier Comments (part 3)  
  pdf Manu & Supplier Comments (part 4)  
pdf 2-Region Supplier Concept n/a n/a
pdf Category 2,3 & BIE Regulations pdf Category 2,3, & BIE Comments pdf Category 2,3, & BIE Response
pdf Vendor Regulations pdf Vendor Comments pdf Vendor Response
pdf Slot Machine Movement & Ownership pdf Slot Movement Comments pdf Slot Machine Movement and Ownership Response
pdf Junkets pdf Junkets Comments pdf Junkets Response
pdf Accounting and Internal Controls pdf Accounting Comments pdf Accounting & Internal Controls Response
pdf Management Companies pdf Management Companies Comments pdf Management Companies Response
pdf Hearings & Appeals n/a n/a

pdf Exclusion

pdf Exclusion, Self-Exclusion, & Credentials Comments pdf Exclusion, Self-Exclusion, & Credentials pdf Response
pdf Self-Exclusion
pdf Credentials
pdf Licensing Hearings, Slot Machine Testing, and Accounting and Internal Controls pdf Licensing Hearings, Slot Machine Testing, and Accounting and Internal Controls Comments pdf Licensing Hearings Response
pdf Slot Machine Testing Response
pdf Accounting and Internal Controls Response
pdf Horsemen's Regulations pdf Horsemen's Comments pdf Horsemen's Response
pdf Underage Gaming pdf Underage Gaming Comments pdf Underage Gaming Response
pdf Draft Definition of Stock pdf Definition of Stock Comments pdf Definition of Stock Response
pdf Draft Suppliers Rules n/a n/a
pdf Draft Labor Organizations pdf Labor Organization Comments pdf Labor Organizations Response
pdf Draft Omnibus Regulations pdf Omnibus Regulations Comments pdf Omnibus Regulations Response
pdf Draft Employee Status Report pdf Employee Status Report Comments pdf Employee Status Report Response
pdf Draft Emergency Orders pdf Emergency Orders Comments pdf Emergency Orders Response