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Requests for Fiscal Year 2013/2014

Summary of Requests

Fiscal Year Requests Total Breakdown of Request Results
2013-2014 16
  • Granted: 3
  • Granted/Denied in part: 4
  • Denied: 4
  • Withdrawn: 2
  • Appealed: 3
  • Other*: 3
Key: *Other -- No records exist or request sent to wrong agency


Right To Know Requests

RTKL Number Date Received by PGCB RTKL Office Information Requested Decision Notes
2013-010 8/6/2013 Charitable donations and community outreach efforts of Parx Casino for FY 2011-2012; 2010 and 2009.  Seeking names of groups that are recipients of donations from Parx Casino. Also requesting the amount of donations.

 Granted/Denied in part

Requester filed Appeal. OOR dismissed appeal on 8/23/13. Appeal does not address agency denial based on confidentiality under the Gaming Act.

 Requester was directed to the PGCB website where PA operators describe their plans for charitable giving in their diversity plans, which are required pursuant to Section 1325 of the Gaming Act.  Also included on website is PGCBs Annual Diversity Report.  Quarterly reports provided by operators with specific diversity information are deemed confidential documents for the reason that the information relates to proprietary information and trade secrets.  Quarterly reports are used by the Board in its annual review and investigative information is exempt from disclosure. 
2013-011 8/8/2013 Names and home addresses of all collective bargaining unit employees who have fair share fees deducted from their paychecks; and/or:  names and home addresses of all collective bargaining unit employees who do not have any union dues or fair share fees deducted from their paychecks. Other No responsive records are in the possession of the PGCB.
2013-012 8/13/2013 Records that illustrate reimbursements made to board members and the executive director for travel, parking, meals, hotel costs and mileage between Jan. 1, 201 and June 30, 2013; 2. Records that illustrate the amounts paid by vendors, companies or other individuals for travel, parking, meals, hotel costs and mileage incurred by the board members and executive director for the same time period. Withdrawn  
2013-013 8/14/2013 Reimbursements made to board members and the executive director for expenses categorized under "lodging, "subsistence," transport" and "other" on the agency spreadsheet posted online for the period Jan. 1, 2010 to June 30, 2013. Granted/Denied in part Expense statements and receipts were sent to requester.  Confidential information such as account numbers, personnel numbers, and any personal account information of the employee were redacted.
2013-014 8/16/2013 Copy of Master Plan for Phila Park that was approved in late 2007 and a copy of previous plans (master plans, site plans or sketch plans), other than the approved plan, submitted for the Philadelphia Park property. Other Requester was contacted and directed to PGCBs website where information could be found.
2013-015 9/10/2013 Responses from MDB International, Spectrum, Michael & Carroll, Inquiries, Inc. and George Josephs of Worldwide Casino to RFPs the state has put out in the past 10 years asking for help with casino regulations/regulatory enforcement. Withdrawn  
2013-016 9/10/2013 Responses from Spectrum Gaming to RFPs the state has put out in the past 10 years asking for help with casino regulations/regulatory enforcement. Granted/Denied in part. Responses to RFPs were provided. Confidential information such as corporate tax returns, other financial documents, Salary rates of employees, trade secrets, a sample investigative report and birth certificates have been redacted from the responses.
2013-017 9/16/2013 Audited annual financial statements submitted to the PGCB by Greenwood Racing/Greenwood Gaming, operator of the Parx Casino in Bensalem, from 2009 to the present. Denied Greenwood Gaming and Entertainment, Inc. is a privately held company, therefore, its audited annual financial statements are confidential. 
2013-018 10/2/2013 Petitions filed by Sands Bethworks to Intervene in the Authorization for table games. Granted All responsive documents were provided.
2013-019 10/9/2013 1. Parx Casino's/Greenwood Racing's "Statement of Conditions"; 2. Parx Casino's/Greenwood Racing's charitable donations and community outreach efforts for 2007, 2008, 2009, and 2010, plus the fiscal years ended June 30, 2011, June 30, 2012 and June 30, 2013. The names of the recipients, the amounts received and the date of the gifts." Granted/Denied in part. Statement of Conditions were provided to requester. Requester appealed denial on 11/6/13. OOR denied appeal on 12/20/13 agreeing with PGCB that charitable donation information is confidential.
2013-020 11/1/2013 1. Copy of notice to Department of Justice under 2 Pa.C.S. sec. 508 regarding hearings involving Valley Forge since inception; 2. Copy of licenses or licenses, and any and all modifications, amendments, or appendments or other revisions or endorsements thereto, issued to Valley Forge; 3. Copy of any and all formal notification(s) by Valley Forge to the Board pursuant to 4 Pa.C.S. sec. 1301 sub. sec. 1 and 2, and any related notification and other correspondence to Valley Forge Granted #1 & 3 - no responsive documents. Provided document in response to #2.
2013-021 11/12/2013 Information pertaining to the financial agreement between IOC and Nemacolin Woodlands for the right to operate the Lady Luck Casino. Denied Financial documents are confidential.
2013-022 12/9/2013 Any and all electronic copies of Louis A. DeNaples' disclosure of financial interests in companies he owns in full or part supplied to the PA Gaming Control Board. Denied Requester filed appeal on 12/18/13. OOR denied appeal on 2/7/14.
2013-023 12/11/2013 Information on the Casino Licensing in Philadelphia and what the requirements are for a Resort Casino License. Denied Provided links to website, Act and Regulations.
2013-024 12/12/2013 Contracts executed between the Gaming Control Board and/or the Comm. Of PA; and the following person and/or parties in the last 24 months: BABS and Associates; AAA One Call Handyman; AAA Merchant Services of PA; Equitable Window Company; Martin Michael Schmotzer or Martin Schmotzer. Other No responsive records are in the possession of the PGCB.
2013-025 12/19/2013 1. copy of Settlement Agreement with State Treasurer Robert McCord ratified by Motion NO. 2011-68 at the 2/24/11 Mtg of the PGCB; 2. If not included in the Settlement Agreement, copies of the confidentiality agreement and Code of Ethics Statement and Disclosure From signed by Robert McCord in 2011 as part of the Settlement Agreement. Granted All responsive documents were provided.

 NOTE: As of 2014, right to know postings have been changed from FISCAL YEAR to CALENDAR YEAR - see top of page for a link to 2014 calendar year postings.

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