Temporary Expanded Gaming Rulemakings

Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board Regulations

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Temporary Expanded Gaming Rulemakings

Temporary Expanded Gaming Currently Published Rulemakings – Full Document PDF

This document contains only the chapters of temporary regulations that have been published in the PA Bulletin.


Click here to view the docket of all temporary expanded gaming rulemakings with important dates and links to the comments received.


Explanatory Comment to Title 58, Part VII, Subpart L (“Interactive Gaming”) Regulations PDF


Proposed Expanded Gaming Rulemakings Currently Under Review

Select the appropriate link below to see or print the proposed regulation.
125-208 Subpart M. Casino Simulcasting Chapter 1001
125-209 Subpart L. Interactive Gaming Chapters 801, 802, 803
125-210 Subpart L. Interactive Gaming Chapters 804, 805, 806, 807, 808
125-211 Subpart N. Video Gaming Chapters 1101 Through 1120 Inclusive
125-212 Subpart O. Fantasy Contests Chapters 1201 to 1209
125-213 Subpart L. Interactive Gaming Chapter 809
125-214 Subpart L. Interactive Gaming Chapters 810, 813, 817
125-215 Subpart L. Interactive Gaming Chapters 804, 811, 812, 814, 815, 818
125-216 Subpart Q. Sports Wagering Chapter 1401
125-217 Subpart Q. Sports Wagering Chapters 1401, 1402, 1403, 1404, 1405, 1406