Casino Gaming Benefits for Pennsylvanians

The Pennsylvania Race Horse Development and Gaming Act was designed to produce tremendous benefits for Commonwealth citizens through the legalization of casino gaming. For example, the industry employs nearly 17,000 persons and has generated more than $16.5 billion through licensing fees and tax revenue since its launch 12 years ago. The revenue is improving the quality of life in local communities, reinvigorating our horse racing industry, and lowering the property tax of homeowners.

For every dollar produced as revenue from slot machine play, 54¢ is returned to Pennsylvanians. Below is a simplified breakdown of this taxation:

p a benefits chart 1

The significant portion of revenue generated from the play of slot machines are used to fund general school property tax reduction or wage tax reduction. Go to this link. for more information on property tax reduction.

The revenue split for table games is different. For each dollar generated, the casino retains 84¢… a larger percentage than slot machines primarily due to the much higher overhead costs associated with operating table games compared to operating slots. State and local governments receive all of the tax revenue from table games.

p a benefits chart 1

For a monthly update on the amount of revenue generated and taxes collected for slot machines, table games, fantasy contests, and sports wagering, go to the Revenue link on the main menu above.