Statements of Policy & Technical Standards

RESERVED  § 421b. (Reserved)

RESERVED § 436b. (Reserved)

PDF § 439b.1 (Reserved)

RESERVED § 461b.1. (Reserved)

PDF § 461b.2. Slot Machine Tower Lights and Error Conditions

PDF § 461b.3. Gaming Vouchers

PDf § 461b.4. (Reserved)

PDF § 461b.5. (Reserved)

PDF § 461b.6. Software Submissions


PDF § 465b.1. Digital Video Recording

PDF § 465b.3. Table Inventories

PDF § 466b.1. Slot Computer Systems

RESERVED § 503b.1. (Reserved)

PDF § Subpart K. Table Games, Side Wagers and Variations

PDF § 809b.7. Geolocation (Revised 3/20/19)

PDF § 1116b.5. VGT Surveillance (Revised)