April 24th, 2009


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May 6th Sugarhouse Casino Petition Hearing To Be Held At the Pennsylvania Convention Center In Philadelphia

HARRISBURG: The Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board’s May 6th hearing on requests for license modification by HSP Gaming, L.P. (SugarHouse Casino) will be at the Pennsylvania Convention Center, located on Arch Street in Philadelphia.

The hearing will begin immediately after the Board’s regularly scheduled 9:00 am meeting in Room 204A.

The Board will accept both oral and written public comment which will become part of the evidentiary record in this matter. Anyone who wishes to either address the Board or submit public comments must take the necessary steps to do so by noon on May 1, 2009. The board will not accept written testimony or a request to speak at the hearing after that time.

Acting Chief Counsel R. Douglas Sherman is reminding those individuals and elected officials interested in either submitting or giving testimony that the hearing is solely for the purpose of completing the evidentiary record on the matters contained in the petition. The HSP Gaming, L.P. petition can be viewed by choosing a special link on the Gaming Control Board’s web site,, to help individuals looking at submitting testimony to clearly understand the requests.

“The Board is requesting public input to obtain all information needed to rule upon the SugarHouse petition and its requests for both additional time to make slot machines available to play and to make modifications to its approved development plan,” Sherman says. “Therefore, testimony should focus on the HSP/SugarHouse petition and the reasons why the Board should approve or deny either or both of those specific requests.”

Sherman says the special web page also contains presentations by SugarHouse to the Board at the April 8th meeting and the rules of conduct for both presenters and members of the audience who plan to attend the Philadelphia hearing.

“Consistent with our established rules of conduct, the Board asks that those in attendance show respect for presenters on both sides of these issues so that everyone can hear all of the testimony,” Sherman adds.

Individuals and public officials who wish to address the Board at the hearing must register on the PGCB website at by either clicking on the public meeting signup icon and complete the necessary information or contacting the Board Secretary Mickey Kane at 717-346-8300.

Individuals who wish to submit written comments to the board for inclusion in the Board’s evidentiary record can do so through the PGCB website at by clicking on the public meeting signup icon or by mailing or faxing comments to the Board Secretary. Comments can be mailed to the PA Gaming Control Board, P.O. Box 69060, Harrisburg, PA 17106, Attention: Board Secretary, or faxed to 717-346-8350.

For those individuals that provided public comment at the April 8, 2009 Board meeting in Harrisburg their statements will be placed into the record.

More information, including directions, to the Pennsylvania Convention Center can be found at their web site,

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