June 3rd, 2009


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Gaming Control Board Approves Reinstatement of Louis A. DeNaples' Principal License

HARRISBURG, PA:  The Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board today unanimously approved the reinstatement of the gaming license of Mt. Airy Resort Casino principal owner Louis A. DeNaples, but with a number of conditions.

The decision lifts a February 5, 2008 suspension that was placed on DeNaples after criminal charges for perjury were filed against him by the Dauphin County District Attorney. However, those charges were dismissed by the District Attorney on April 17th of this year.

Today’s ruling keeps in place last year’s Order, but with modifications, and will remain in effect until a time when the Board can consider a Petition of Mount Airy, #1 LLC for Approval of a Corporate Restructuring.  These modifications include lifting much of the tenants of the suspension, including the exclusion that Mr. DeNaples not enter the property encompassing Mount Airy Casino & Resort.

Chief Counsel R. Douglas Sherman says today’s decision by the Board was important in order to allow future actions to be considered.

“Lifting the suspension, albeit with strict conditions, permits the investigative process surrounding both Mr. DeNaples license renewal and request to divest ownership to proceed,” Sherman says.

In addition, the Board’s Order also allows Mr. DeNaples to regain the right to have direct contact with any principals, key employees, licensees, permittees or registrants of the casino, but continues to prevent him from serving as a director, officer or manager of Mount Airy #1, LLC, or exercise the authority vested in the directors, officers or managers of the entity. He also is still prohibited from exercising any control, in any capacity, relating to the business operations of Mount Airy Casino & Resort.

In addition, the Board agreed that Mr. DeNaples:
•    cannot profit from the casino revenues nor receive compensation;
•    submit himself to a full background and suitability investigation and agrees to cooperate fully with the Bureau of Investigations and Enforcement and the Office of Enforcement Counsel during any suitability and/or background investigation of his Principal License Renewal Application; and,
•    provide all information and assistance in gathering all information requested by the Board, the Bureau of Investigations and Enforcement, and/or Office of Enforcement Counsel.

In addition, the appointed Trustee for the Mount Airy #1, LLC gaming license, Dr. Anthony F. Ceddia, will remain in place until further order of the Board, and attend meetings of Mount Airy's Independent Audit Committee, meet with Mount Airy's management team on a regular basis and provide the Board with an update every month.

The Order approved today, along with the February 5, 2008 Order, is available for download by clicking on this link, DeNaples Reinstatement Order.

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