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Requests for Fiscal Year 2011/2012

Summary of Requests

Fiscal Year Requests Total Breakdown of Request Results
2011-2012 19
  • Granted: 2
  • Granted/Denied in part: 7
  • Denied: 2
  • Withdrawn: 3
  • Appealed: 0
  • Other*: 5
Key: *Other -- No records exist or request sent to wrong agency


Right To Know Requests

RTKL Number Date Received by PGCB RTKL Office Information Requested Decision Notes
2011-020 7/7/2011 Copy of Acknowledgment and Waiver of Rights appendix from PID to operate gaming hall with slot machines Other PGCB does not have requested record; it does not exist
2011-021 8/4/2011 All fines assessed at the state's casinos for underage gambling violations since the beginning of 2010, include the fine, casino and dates of violations Granted  
2011-022 10/21/2011 Copies of studies and data referenced/considered by the Board with respect to the percentage of revenues that comes from addicted or problem gamblers Other No records exist for portions of the request. Part of the request was insufficiently specific, however,  potentially helpful information was provided as a courtesy outside purview of the Right to Know Law
2012-001 1/19/2012 Requests copies of all reports, including self-reports, of minors discovered on the Sands casino floor from January 2011 to December 2011 Denied  Security related information obtained by the Bureau of investigations and Enforcement as part of an investigation is confidential: 4 Pa.C.S. 1206(f)
2012-002 2/21/2012 All communication from citizens and entities regarding Valley Forge table games petition Granted/Denied in part Provided all records responsive to request except one that is not a public record under 67.708(b)(29)
2012-003 3/2/2012 Any and all subpoenas for documents and/or testimony PGCB officials have received both individually and in their official capacity from federal authorities since 1/1/2010 Other No such records exist
2012-004 3/8/2012 Request modified. Please refer to request 2012-006 Withdrawn  
2012-005 3/12/2012 Request modified. Please refer to request 2012-006 Withdrawn  
2012-006 3/9/2012 Copies of initial & renewal applications for various entities associated with PEDP. Copies of various Board orders and registration form. Granted/Denied in part Confidential information redacted under: 4 Pa C.S. 1206(f) & 1207(2); 58 Pa. Code 407a.3
2012-007 3/13/2012 Copy of the file of the petition for Approval of Revised master Plan filed by Valley Forge and heard by PGCB on 4/28/2011. To include; plans, surveys, applications, documents, presentations. Granted/Denied in part Confidential information redacted under: 65 P.S. 708(b)(3,11); 58 Pa. Code 407a.3; 4 Pa C.S. 1206(f)
2012-008 4/20/2012 Copies of agreements and contracts, in the possession of the PGCB, between host municipalities and casino owners. Withdrawn  
2012-009 5/7/2012 List of cases where an individual's gambling privileges were restored after a hearing before the PGCB pursuant to section 1514 of the Gaming Act. Other No such list exists. Relevant information provided as a courtesy outside the purview of the Right to Know Law.
2012-010 5/15/2012 Any Statements of Conditions issued after 2010 for SugarHouse HSP Gaming, LP. Granted  
2012-011 5/16/2012 Copy of the Amended and Restated Development and Tax and Claim Settlement Agreement dated 6/7/2011 with any and all attachments or exhibits...between SugarHouse and the City of Philadelphia Granted/Denied in part Agreement was provided with personal identification information and other confidential information redacted. 65 P.S. 67.708, 67.102, 67.305, 67.306, and 58 Pa Code 401a.
2012-012 5/25/2012 1. Transcripts from the deposition of (an individual) for the revocation proceeding of the Cat 2 Slot license granted to PEDP. and 2. Transcripts of the proceedings for the revocation of PEDP's Cat 2 Slot license. Granted/Denied in part 1. Denied - information exchanged during the Discovery phase ordered protected in accordance with 58 Pa. Code 407a. 2. Granted - requested transcripts are available on the PGCB website.
2012-013 6/12/2012 Sands Casino's internal controls for underage patrons...identification controls. Denied A casino's Internal Controls and their Compulsive and Problem Gambling plans are confidential under the RTKL (65 P.S. 67.708 & 67.305), the Gaming Act (4 Pa C.S. 1206), and PGCB regulations (58 Pa Code 513a & 407a).
2012-014 6/21/2012 Prevalence of pai gow tiles in PA casinos...number of casinos with pai gow tables, number of tables, revenue from pai gow, number of players. Granted/Denied in part Number of casinos with pai gow tile tables and the number of tables (accurate as of the date of response) were provided. Tracking the number of players who gamble at these tables is not required and not available. Revenue from specific types of games is received as part of a casino's tax return and is thereby prohibited from disclosure under the Fiscal Code (P.S. Sec. 731).
2012-015 6/21/2012 List of cases where an individual who was banned from a facility (by the facility), requested and was granted a hearing before the PGCB in an attempt to have the ban lifted so the individual can return to the facility to gamble. Other The PGCB does not have the requested record. It does not exist.
2012-016 6/28/2012 Copy of record indexes and any supplemental records filed in regard to Nos. 2389 CD 2011 & 459 CD 2012. Also, copies of letters from the public, and copies of speeches presented at public hearings relating to Valley Forge's petition to be certified for table games. Granted/Denied in part Provided record indexes. Noted availability of all speeches and letters except one which is not a public record under 67.708(b)(29).

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